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(Almost) Every SpaceX Landing, In Order

by: The Yellow Dart Duration: 28:31

This is a video of every SpaceX landing or landing attempt of which a video was taken. I tried to edit it down as much as possible but it still ended up pretty long, mainly due to including Grasshopper and F9R flights (I didn't feel I could use the word "every" if I didn't). I made this because I couldn't find any such compilations on Youtube. Most videos are from SpaceX's Youtube Channel. Thanks for watching and thanks to SpaceX for all the excitement.Here is the full list of all launches that I used as my notes while putting this together:1. 9-21-2012 Grasshopper Hop2. 11-01-2012 Grasshopper 2 story3. 12-17-2012 Grasshopper 12 story4. 03-07-2013 Grasshopper 24 story5. 04-17-2012 Grasshopper 250m6. 06-14-2013 Grasshopper 325m Full Precision Sensor Suite7. 08-13-2013 Grasshopper 250m, 100m Lateral Divert8x. 09-29-2013 Falcon 9 Cassiope, Failure, Aerodynamically unstable, video of reentry burn here: 10-07-2013 Grasshopper 744m Final Flight10. 04-17-2014 Falcon 9R 250m11x. 04-18-2014 Falcon 9 CRS-3 Ocean Landing, Link to vid: 05-01-2014 Falcon 9R 1000m13. 06-17-2014 Falcon 9R 1000m Grid Fins14. 07-14-2014 Falcon 9 Orbcomm-1 Ocean Landing15x. 08-01-2014 Falcon 9R ??? No Vid16. 08-22-2014 Falcon 9R Failure, Aborted17. 09-21-2014 Falcon 9 CRS-4 Infrared Reentry Burn18. 01-10-2015 Falcon 9 CRS-5, ASDS, Failure, Hydraulic Fluid for Grid Fins19x. 02-11-2015 Falcon 9 DSCOVR Ocean Landing, No Vid20. 04-15-2015 Falcon 9 CRS-6, ASDS, Failure, Sticky Throttle21. 06-28-2015 Falcon 9 CRS-7, Launch Failure, Stupid strut22. 12-22-2015 Falcon 9 Orbcomm-2 LZ1 SUCCESS23. 01-17-2016 Falcon 9 Jason-3, ASDS Failure, Leg Lockout24. 03-04-2016 Falcon 9 SES-9, ASDS Failure25. 04-08-2016 Falcon 9 CRS-8 ASDS SUCCESS