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Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader | UofA Athletes vs. Students

by: The Shepherdz Duration: 09:08

Students versus Student athletes, who would win? Testing the University of Arizona Athletes and StudentsMake sure to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and SHARE help us out and more videos will come idea from the minorities video: our social media-Instagram/Twitter:@the_shepherdz Snapchat: theshepherdzInstagram:@david_egbo[email protected]erset_08[email protected]meoldmani[email protected]el_egbo[email protected]_Justice8[email protected][email protected]_DanielEgbo_ GET YOUR MERCH!! website is up so go check it out the stuff and support the shepherd movement and we will keep trying to make y’all laughIf you’re tryna collaborate on a video just give us some ideasCountries country is meant to be “three largest countries in North America” but y’all get the point