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Button Built Ferrari, Rob Dahm AWD 4 rotor RX7 and SEMA Final Day Highlights

by: joydrive Duration: 11:14

It's the last day of SEMA - sad. But checking out more amazing cars - happy!We check out a whole bunch of incredible cars including both of Button Built Ferrari's, Rob Dahms car, and a bunch of other absolutely insane builds.A note, the audio craps out a little but stick with it. Joys of equipment failure on the other side of the planet. to where you live!#sema #semashow #robdahm-Music by - Epidemic Sounds - Swi7 - No Gain-joydrive is a Perth Automotive channel focusing on car reviews, workshop tours and stories. Why not check out our other social media? | out more videos: All our music is either through the correct license or in most cases paid for either by purchase or donation. Support the people that help you do your craft! :)