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Carnage VS Lucy (Marvel VS Elfen Lied) | DEATH BATTLE!

by: DEATH BATTLE! Duration: 20:00

Try Blue Apron! Get your first 3 meals free at up the new DEATH BATTLE T-SHIRT! of these two psychos is crazy enough to win a DEATH BATTLE!?Click to Subscribe: DEATH BATTLE SUGGESTION FORM: the MUSIC from iTunes:“Wiz & Boomstick – Death Battle Theme” -“Chorus of Carnage” -►Look how social we are!ScrewAttack on FACEBOOK: ScrewAttack on TWITTER:►Follow the crew on Twitter:Ben - - - - - - - - - - have been masters of edutainment and combat animation since their inception in 2006. As a facet of Fullscreen, a division of Rooster Teeth, and a member of the Let’s Play network, their slate of shows includes hits like “DEATH BATTLE”, ScrewAttack's most popular series, “Desk of DEATH BATTLE”, “DEATH BATTLE Cast”, “DBX”, and “Top 10”.#DeathBattle #WizAndBoomstick #ScrewAttackAnimation