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David Dobrik Best Vlog Moments Autumn 2019

by: Jeff Edits Duration: 20:25

David Dobrik's best vlog moments of autumn 2019, it is always fun to make and watch a full David Dobrik best moments edition, starring about all the members of the vlog squad like Corinna, Carly and Erin ;) Who is your favourite?If you have any ideas or wishes for future uploads - let me know in the comments :) Other videos you might like: Deleted original vlog: First best moments of Jeff: The month, when David bought his dreamcar: First best moments of Corinna: Puns we will never forget by David and Liza: Behind the scenes: Subscribe for more edits, Lots of love Jeff! Best way to get David's merch: Get the newest content of David Dobrik: David's Instagram and Twitter: @daviddobrik Check out the podcast "Views" by David Dobrik and Jason Nash: Turn the Notifications on to get notified when a new video comes online! Contact/Follow me @ Comment your favourite vlog squad memeber :D Thank you for watching :)