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Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie (Marvel VS My Little Pony) | DEATH BATTLE!

by: DEATH BATTLE! Duration: 17:20

Fiction is fragile. When two beings capable of seeing through their own reality face off in a duel to the death, what could possibly go wrong? It's the merc with a mouth versus the super party pony!Check out our games on sale on Steam! Also! Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is 50% off on Wii-U and 3DS e-shop!GOT AN IDEA FOR A DEATH BATTLE? SUBMIT IT HERE - Ben B. Singer - Chad James - Nick Cramer - S.K. Alam "JPG" - Animator: Luis Cruz (CVAnimation) - Gerardo Mejia - of Deadpool: Curtis "Takahata101" Arnott - of Pinkie Pie: Brittany "BreeFaith" Lauda - at Sound Cadence Studios - Direction: Marissa Lenti - Announcer: Christopher Guerrero -