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Double TWIN SWAP Drive Thru Prank Ft The MERRELL TWINS!

by: The Rybka Twins Duration: 12:28

#twinswap #ideniticaltwins #twinsWATCH THE MERRELL TWINS VIDEO HERE!!!! We're so excited for you to see us do the Ultimate Double Twin Swap Drive Thru Challenge with the Merrell Twins! We love these girls so much and had so much fun filming with them! Wait till you see some of the reactions from the people in the drive thru! We really hope you love this video as much as we do! Enjoy! Love Teagan & Sam xoPRE-ORDER TWINNING IT! (OUR BOOK)Australia and New Zealand (on sale November 19th 2019) Booktopia – – (on sale 10th Dec 2019)Amazon US - and Ireland – (on sale 12th December 2019)Amazon UK – of the world – (on sale November 19th)Follow us behind the scenes!INSTAGRAM: @rybkatwinsofficial @teagan_rybka @sam_rybkaTIKTOK: @rybkatwinsofficial