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How I Met My Favorite Animator! (and cried...a lot.)

by: Emirichu Duration: 07:43

Use my link to get a 30 day ad-free trial of VRV Premium!There She Is! Remastered animation: for the kinda poopy audio quality (still trying to figure that out haha)If the narration feels a bit rushed, it's because I didn't want to make this video longer than it needed to be ^^;;; I wish I had more to say about SamBakZa's shop, but my Korean is really bad and all I really know if that they offer art classes and comic-making classes for a reasonable price! (If anyone has a bit more insight on what else they do, please let me know!)My Links:Instagram: you to my patrons:-Naknakha-Ben Van Overbeek-Moonshine-d1000100-Assane Stillwater-Carlo Martinez-Vanessa-Jacob-Studio Shintari-Coreten-Thomas Eide-GgAboveAverageGamer-Ariel Teague-Michael Huang-Screebs-Pink-Anayansi Iris-Yaroshien-warmammoth-Momo's Traveling Meowchestra-Keith-Hoi