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Melting Every Candle From Bath & Body Works Together

by: Safiya Nygaard Duration: 27:55

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all! Here is a weird video we made where I melt every candle from Bath & Body Works together. I figured - it's worked for a myriad of makeup products like lipsticks and eyeshadows and highlighters - so why not try melting every single candle scent from one store together to see what kind of scent we get? It's not bad makeup science - it's bad holiday science! Or maybe bad wax science. Hmm.A big thanks to Daniel at Stone Candles for smelling our candle! You can check them out here: can check out Angela's iconic channel here: video is NOT sponsored!Safiya's Instagram: out our merch here: your size is sold out, sign up for email updates!MUSICVia AudioNetworkAssistant Editors: Claire Wiley & Emily Linden