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My weird, embarrassing phobia (Animation)

by: Chipflake Duration: 06:43

in today's animated storytime let me tell 'yall the story of my unfortunate, embarrassing fear/phobia which makes no sense at all--------------------CREDITS--------------------Intro music artist: September Patrons:Skylor Bowser, VulpineCat, ArcticWolves Studio, Slamegil, Solarwind, TheDominusIgnis, Liam Shackhorn, Joaquin, swordartonlinemart5917 aka(James Martin), Zeekylex, Spiralei, Darbinator1101, Bernhard Senger, Nightfox, joshpotate, Subbule, Hunter Wilson, Serenepluto752, Also. Oscar, S Ma, zerofox55, HeartbeatSavag, That Guy Who Can't Sing, Adam MadMan, ZheBaL, Bappity, Reedflower, Revamp Skunk and Joia SkywingFeatured Art:by KaijuBoi on DeviantART! I use:Audio - T.bone SC440 & Adobe AuditionDrawing - Aitefeir Lightpad, GAOMON M106K Tablet & Adobe PhotoshopAnimation - Adobe After EffectsEditing - Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects--------------------SOCIAL LINKS--------------------Patreon: Page: STUFF--------------------Help me improve my channel by answering this short survey!