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Nickelodeon Shows That Were Canceled For Surprising Reasons

by: TheBinger Duration: 11:01

It Isn't Only Disney Shows That Had To Get Canceled...Subscribe to our channel: ready to get mad all over again. Nickelodeon took a lot of shows off air during their prime seasons. It’s time to go back and look over why it happened. The Binger wants to explore some of the great Nickelodeon shows that were cancelled for some really odd and frustrating reasons. This video isn’t just about the toon shows or the live action shows. Every show that deserves a look is getting one here on this list. There are some real heartbreakers on this list, that’s your warning right there. For all of the Nick fans out there asking “what ever happened to (insert show)?” This video is a must watch. We go from Ren & Stimpy all the way to Zoey 101. All your answers are right here. What are you waiting for? It’s all nostalgia and sadness on this countdown from The Binger. Click the play button and get those pens ready for some angry letters to Nickelodeon executives!