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Pro Players Opinion on Kali [ Nerf or Not? ] | New Caveira Elite - Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides

by: Jäger Himself Too Duration: 10:46

Hello everyone, This is Jager Himselfand In today video we will talk about the opinions of pro player about Kali,So to keep it short, many pro players raised concerns that she could be too strong since she has a lot of utility on top of her sniper rifle, on the other hands some pros sees her sniper rifle not as good as it looks, and I kinda agree with this, because on pro or high level hitting head shots isn't an issue,also if you miss your shot on close range, 9 times out of 10 you should lose that gun fight. Also, Caveira new elite is available on Technical Test server which the community was kinda split in regards to it, but I think the majority disliked the outfit. I hope you enjoy the video , and until next time, take care.Awesome people featured in the video: me on twitch at : Page: on twitter at : Himself 200K subs merch store: Himself 100K subs merch store: Himself first merch store : by AXON (ID): Thanks to the patrons: Jeremy ArnouxSquishyMilkJugsWyatt HartleyHomelessGandalfJerome Gray LikeTearsInRain_MaxUpFromTheDirtTVLeon BrajkovicADF_0Antonio EspitiaFreeZ3KiLLzJarod Blanchette Joseph CirielloMichael L. TryonSimonYeetedscrubConnor MacomberDavid ChavezfirelfeJanina GemlJarek MickJoseph LisackKasualkid12Kevin HeiermanMarcus PerezMarvin Sachwehmiguel luis quibaOmar El NaggarpecusQuincy SimmonsRafalUkiah Joseph sperryXionzKyle Rimple