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SpaceX Falcon Heavy, all 3 boosters landed! Successful launch of Arabsat 6A (4/11/2019)

by: Raw Space Duration: 18:04

Launch site: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida (the Apollo launch pad)Destination: Geostationary orbitA SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launched the Arabsat 6A communications satellite for Arabsat of Saudi Arabia. Arabsat 6A will provide Ku-band and Ka-band communications coverage over the Middle East and North Africa regions, as well as a footprint in South Africa. This will be Falcon Heavy's first commercial launch (for a paying customer). In February 2018 SpaceX did a demonstration launch of Falcon Heavy, carrying Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster with Starman up into space. Delayed from first half of 2018 and late 2018. Delayed from March, April 7 & 8. Scrubbed April 10.#SpaceX #FalconHeavy #Arabsat #Arabsat6AFALCON HEAVY INFO:Cost per launch (Reusable): $90MCost per launch (Expendable): $150MHeight: 70 m (230 ft)Diameter: 3.66 m (12.0 ft)Width: 12.2 m (40 ft)Mass: 1,420,788 kg (3,132,301 lb)Stages: 2+Payload to LEO: 63,800 kg (140,700 lb)Payload to GTO: 26,700 kg (58,900 lb)Payload to Mars: 16,800 kg (37,000 lb)Payload to Pluto: 3,500 kg (7,700 lb)FIRST STAGE CORE + 2 BOOSTERS:Engines: 9 Merlin 1D per each (core + 2 boosters)Thrust at Sea level: 7.6 MN (1,700,000 lbf) (each) Thrust in Vacuum: 8.2 MN (1,800,000 lbf) (each)Total thrust at Sea level: 22.8 MN (5,100,000 lbf) Total thrust in Vacuum: 24.6 MN (5,500,000 lbf)Specific impulse at Sea level: 282 secondsSpecific impulse in Vacuum: 311 secondsBurn time (side boosters): 154 secondsBurn time (core): 187 secondsFuel: Chilled RP-1 / Subcooled LOXSECOND STAGE:Engines: 1 Merlin 1D VacuumThrust: 934 kN (210,000 lbf)Specific impulse: 348 secondsBurn time: 397 secondsFuel: RP-1 / LOXSATURN V INFO (for comparison):Saturn V cost per launch: $1.16B (adjusted)Saturn V Height: 110.6 m (363.0 ft)Saturn V Diameter: 10.1 m (33.0 ft)Saturn V Mass: 2,970,000 kg (6,540,000 lb)Saturn V Payload to LEO: 140,000 kg (310,000 lb)Saturn V First stage engines: 5 Rocketdyne F-1Saturn V Total thrust at Sea level: 35.1 MN (7,891,000 lbf)Saturn V Specific impulse at Sea level: 263 seconds (2.58 km/s)Saturn V First stage Burn time: 168 secondsSaturn V First stage Fuel: RP-1 / LOXOutro music: CO.AG - Anything is PossibleOutro video clips courtesy NASA and SpaceXIf you enjoy space content, feel free to like this video and subscribe to Raw Space. If you don't want to miss future videos and events, click the Notifications bell.If you'd like to show your support and enable even better content, contribution options include:Patreon: out "SpaceWeek", Raw Space's weekly summary of all things space! us on Discord for text and voice chat, live audio during event streams, and 24/7 Raw Space Radio! you!