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SpaceX Starship Updates – Starlink v1-1 Launch Preparations

by: What about it!? Duration: 10:42

Welcome to Episode 49 of What about it!?In this Episode, we will take a look at the progress done on the SpaceX Starship Prototype in Boca Chica Texas. The canard fins are almost done and the Launch Facility is progressing at a crazy pace. Last but not least, we will have a look at the launch preparations going on right now for the Starlink v1-1 launch!LIVE Stream for Starlink v1-1:✔️Merchandise Store:✔️Patreon:✔️Facebook:✔️Twitter: @FelixSchlang✔️My Camera:✔️My Microphone:✔️My lighting:✔️My tripod:📄Links for this Episode: