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We Found A Crazy Rare Twin-Turbo V12 AMG Mercedes Sitting At A Salvage Auction & It Sounds Amazing!

by: LegitStreetCars Duration: 19:05

Get Honey for FREE saves you money every time you shop online by searching and applying all the discount and coupon codes automatically!Subscribe here! @LegitStreetCars out cool car stuff I buy on Amazon. me clean a disgusting Corvette engine!'ve always wanted a Twin-Turbo V12 AMG Mercedes and so my Buddy Sam took me to a Copart Salvage Auction to check out one of the best. They only made 52 of these cars in 2006 and it's one of the most sought after V12 AMG in existence. This super low mileage example started right up and due to some exhaust "modifications," it sounds amazing. Stay tuned until the end for a big hint on the project car that Sam and I and possibly another guy are working on. 0-60 in 3 seconds!The 400,000 Mile M5 Dealer Estimate video. $17,000 Quote!! Factory Style Repair Manuals for $20 & Fix Your Car At Home! me on Instagram @LegitStreetCars out Sam's channel. It's mostly about cooking pizzas and inflatable spray booths but it's pretty cool.Samcrac - me on Instagram @LegitStreetCars out my Amazon Garage - AMG Key tags and Decals here! you’d like to support the channel click on the Patreon or PayPal links below and include your email so I can say thanks!