6 Countries That Will Never Been Conquered By Anyone

Diupload : 13 Mar 2019
Duration : 8.55
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You know two things that Mr Banana enjoys the most? Telling cool stuff about the Universe and the world around is my first hobby. Planning the invasion of the Earth is another. You thought I’ve organized this channel because I’m an attention seeker? Ok, partially… But still, it’s a good place to recruit followers! Today nobody sees a threat in a yellow little fruit, but one day I will show you…
Do you want to hear how I will place the Earth under my reign? Hahah, I am not as stupid as villains from movies to reveal diabolic plans before their implementation. But I’ll tell you about my initial idea and why it’s not gonna work. I decided that nuking is not an option for me. Plants won’t survive the Nuclear Winter, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone. So, conquering by human and military force seems great first, but it turns out I can’t do that! Some countries are simply impossible to invade! Which ones – that is what you’ll learn from this video!

England: 1:22
Switzerland: 2:34
Russia 3:56
India 5:05
Japan 6:04
America 7:23

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