How to Make Small Talk in Spanish (Learn and Practice Everyday Spanish Conversation)

Diupload : 22 Des 2017
Channel  : Spanish and Go
Duration : 15.10
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Learn to make small talk in Spanish through everyday Spanish conversations. You’ll learn and practice how to talk about yourself, the weather, hobbies, give compliments, your occupation, and food in Spanish.

First, you’ll learn how to talk about yourself (1:16), such as where you’re from, your name, and what you’re doing.

Then you’ll learn how to talk about the weather (3:22). Learn how to say “it’s hot,” “it’s going to rain,” and more.

After that we’ll cover how to talk about your hobbies in Spanish (4:43). You’ll learn how to talk about the things you like to do, such as read or go to the movies.

Next up is how to give someone a compliment in Spanish (7:58).

In the next conversation you’ll learn how to talk about what you do for a living (9:34). You’ll learn how to ask what someone does for work, if they like their job, and ways you can respond to these types of questions.

And finally, we’ll show you how to talk about food in Spanish (12:27). Learn how to ask where the best tacos are, what someone’s favorite food is, and more.


Personal Information: 1:16
The Weather: 3:22
Hobbies: 4:43
Compliments: 7:58
Occupation: 9:34
Food: 12:27

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