American's FIRST time at a movie theater in Mexico!

Diupload : 19 Apr 2018
Channel  : Tangerine Travels
Duration : 6.37
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We're going to the movies in Mexico in today's daily vlog! We used to watch movies in the theaters quite often in the US, but we've never gone in Mexico until today. We had so many questions! How expensive is a movie theater in Mexico? What are movie theaters like in Mexico? Are movies in Mexico all in Spanish?

For anyone who, like us, had NO idea what to expect at an upscale Mexican movie theater, we talk about ticket prices, what concessions cost, and other details about the experience we had in Guadalajara, Mexico.

As a US expat, before this, we weren't even sure whether movie theaters in Mexico would have movies that were dubbed, have subtitles, or completely be in Spanish! Going to the movies in Mexico was a really great experience and we're excited to see what the "VIP" version is like next time. Especially since we now know that Mexico movie theaters in English are very common.

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