“TALK” by Khalid (ASL)

Diupload : 10 Feb 2019
Channel  : tiffany.T.hill
Duration : 2.44
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Been M.I.A on the rendition tip - mostly because it’s hard to get through these copy righted streets lol ... but here’s my latest song binge on that #ASL freestyle 😉. In case you thinking of frog-jumping into the future on that first date, you might wanna: chat-discuss-light-wassup, then goal-jump-later 😭😉😂❤️🤟🏽 .

Khalid is the man!! All of his songs feel like every anthem of every summer. You want some good chill? Stream his iTunes Essentials album! Gold. 🤟🏽🙏🏽🇲🇨

Also this is NOT my first video from Indonesia, but my first video on that ASL-song-wepa-uploading-with-that-Dengue-Flash-Speed! LOL. My dork status be on perooo full. Love you guys!

{Song by Khalid “Talk”} - I do not own any rights to the song or lyrics.