Back to the Future 4 - Movie Trailer (Fan Trailer)

Diupload : 2 Jan 2018
Channel  : SuperFanTrailerz
Duration : 3.45
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This is a concept trailer for a new Back to the Future film. Concept trailers are also known as Fan Trailers. They are edited from other clips which have been combined to tell a new story.

This video uses voice overs, special effects and new titles to continue the Back to the Future franchise. Sorry but this movie won't be coming to the cinemas sorry.

This video was created using the program After Effects and Photoshop. It mixes many different films to tell an original story. This movie is totally fictional.

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. Marty and Doc Brown are back in this brand new trailer for Back to the Future 4. Grab your hoverboard, powerup your laces and check Mr Fusion, cos this is gonna be one bumpy ride!

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